After Cobh, we went to Jameson’s Distillery in Middleton. (That’s pronounced Jemisons to you Yanks). Dennis’ wife works at the place and got us on the tour . This was reminiscent of the tour we took at Woodford Reserve Bourbon. After comparison tasting scotch, Jack Daniels and Jameson’s , we were to go to the bar and have a complimentary cocktail. Instead, Ursula took us to the Academy. Here is where you can take a week long class on learning to make irish whiskey. Well, if I tell you the expression on Brian’s face was one of total Nirvana, I’m selling it short. Ursula had him tasting things that weren’t available in the states and all of the different flavor profiles that went into it. On the walls were photos of famous people who have visited for a nip. Then went upstairs to see where the chemist do their magic. We left the Academy and Brian went to do the hokey certificate for having passed the Jameson Experience. Ursula called him over and there was Brian Nation, the Master Distiller himself with David Quinn , Master of Whiskey Science. The 2 top guys happened to be walking by and Bri posed for a picture with them. Dennis took the photo and is sending it to us 



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