Good morning


Restful night. Now can see the impressive hotel. The views are stunning. Vines are seen. Our room is the red tiled ones. To get there from restaurant you must take the walkway. Vi on the walkway/ bridge back to room after breakfast


Arriving Rioja


Finishing wandering Madrid, we boarded a 50 seat plane to Logrono. We were in the first row so I thought Virginia was going to pilot. It’s a 40 minute flight so I could still see license plate numbers on the cars below

We finally arrived to a small airport. So small that they turned off the lights after our flight. Our beautiful room awaited with a welcome. Woke up to this view this morn. Waiting to explore

Warming up for a rainy night


Vi had a vodka tonic as big as she is. Went down for a glass of wine before dinner. Then went to Casa Del Abuelo. Over 100 years old. In the Letras neighborhood.  Everything a Spanish neighborhood should be. EVERYTHING a Spanish place should be. All made at their farm. Wine, Jamon, queso de Cana tomatoes with garlic. Yes, I was smacking